Running at Burning Man

We love to run – at Burning Man and year round.

You can figure out how to run 51 weeks of the year – and we’ll help you figure out how to run on the playa!

Winners of the 2014 5k

Winners of the 2014 5k


All events start and finish at Pink Lightning. We’ll update with exact address once Placement places us.

If you are arriving during early entry and want to run/measure the course, contact Cherie and come run with her! She arrives Wednesday early entry with the goal of getting things ready for the ultra.

Easy Run
Monday: 8:30 a.m.
We’ll break out into pace groups, and people can run 2-4 miles. You don’t need to be running the ultra to run this!
Afterwards, pick up your number for the 50k.
(Psst, you get to pick your own number, so the earlier you arrive – hey, come during Early Entry Event! – the better chances you have for getting an awesome number!).
Then, Pink Lightning hosts a French Toast breakfast with real Vermont maple syrup for runners! Bring a plate/fork/knife.

The Ultra
5 a.m.
Duh, the ultra. But you knew that.  If you can’t run the whole thing, come out and pace. Can’t run at all? Come volunteer!

Runner’s Restorative Yoga
  9 a.m.
Open to all, but especially geared towards releasing tightness that runners have experienced during the ultra the day before. We’ll do some very gentle yoga. All levels welcome. Bring a mat or towel and a strap or belt if you can, and definitely bring some water.

9 a.m.
Race 5k and back! So much fun. Prizes for top placers and top masters.

Black Rock City Beer Mile
Friday, 11 a.m.
Bring your own beer and ziploc (in case you puke – this is a Leave No Trace event!). All beer mile rules must be followed! There will be prizes!



Pink Lightning will also have a runners’ dome – come by whenever you want, and stretch on yoga mats, eat some snacks, use a foam roller or stick. There will be running goodness just oozing out of our camp, so join in. We’ll also have informal runs and stretching and yoga and hanging out, so come on by.

Whenever running, we recommend you wear close-fitting sunglases and a bandanna (in case of dust storms!). Everything else is optional. If you have asthma, carrying your inhaler is a must. Talk to Cherie about asthma; she has it too, and can offer you any other tips.