If you would like to register to run the Burning Man Ultramarathon, please head on over to Ultrasignup (Yep, we got fancy!) and register there.

If you have some sort of weird issues with Ultrasignup, reach out to

We encourage people, no, please, I BEG YOU, to register ahead of time (although you can register on the day of the race) so that we can be sure we have enough fun things at the aid stations, and medals. (You won’t get a finishers’ t-shirt if you don’t sign up by June 30!) People make cool stuff BY HAND so we want to make sure we have enough time, money, and presents. If you want to bring a present to share, please do so; contact Cherie in July for approximate numbers.

By registering for this race, you agree to the Burning Man Waiver (aka “Release of liability aka assumption of risks”).

Please bring one gallon of water, a running snack to share for the aid station, and something to carry water in. This is mandatory!

This is Burning Man!  A wonderful gift economy — no money is exchanged!  If you want to contribute to help offset the costs (i.e. race clock, race numbers, course measurement tools, safety pins, food, water,  other supplies & expenses), feel free to donate to the cause via PayPal here:   Thank you…we are so grateful for you and our amazing community of Burner Runners! :)