Do I need a ticket? What if I just want to come for the day?

  • You sure do! Burning Man is an experience, so don’t come just for the race. It’s too logistically difficult to just “come for the day” – and too expensive. Everyone needs a ticket – even the RD!
  • If you don’t get a ticket in the DGS or main sales, be sure to register for STEP, try for the OMG sale, and keep your eyes peeled for valid tickets. Just make sure they are REAL. Don’t pay above face value.
  • Sorry, there are no exceptions about the tickets. The RD doesn’t make the rules – and she buys her own as well!

Are you serious? A 50k in the desert? And at Burning Man?

  • We’re serious! Ultrarunners are a rare breed indeed, and Burner Ultrarunners are even rarer. However, there’s a few of us out there, so let’s get together and do one of the most  fun 50ks out there.
  • Also – it doesn’t usually get hot at burning man until 11am, and we start at 5am, so it’s mostly pretty great for running!

What should I bring?

  • Bring something to carry water in, and at least one gallon of water to share. (Note: this water will be at one of our aid stations, not on your back.) There will be NO cups this year, so bring something to drink out of.
  • Your favorite ultrarunning snacks. We will provide some snacks as well. Also, please contribute a snack for the grub table (chips, a box of gels, energy drink powder, cookies, M&Ms, beer, post-race food, whatever you’d like to share!).
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, dust mask, goggles, headlamp (we’re starting when it’s still dark so you can avoid the worst heat of the day).
  • A dropbag. You can bring the kitchen sink and leave it at the side of the race so you can grab anything you need.

How often are aid stations?

  • There is the big aid station at Pink Lightning  – this is also the start and finish!
  • About 3-4 miles into the course (depending on how the course is measured – it changes slightly each year, and we don’t measure until until we arrive on the playa), there will be the Deep Playa Aid Station. This will have food, water, and cheerful volunteers. They won’t have cups, so bring your own!
  • “The playa provides.” People set up basic stations with water, snacks, even alcohol to fuel you on your run! There are a few unplanned aid stations.
  • We need help, so please let us know if you want to help more! (see below.) Also, if you are conning your lover/significant other/sibling/friend/adoring fans to come and watch, they can watch while pouring other runners water, taking splits, fanning runners as they come in, hang out.

How can I help?

  • You want to volunteer? Awesome! We need people to help the runners by pouring water, distributing snacks, timing, and cheering the runners on. Contact Cherie if you can volunteer. This is a great way to cheer on or crew a friend while helping others out as well.

I’m trying to run a marathon in every state/continent/etc. Is this course verified?

  • Hell no! It is measured multiple times by GPS, but isn’t something that can be verified so you can join the 50 state club, sorry. Burning Man Ultramarathon isn’t just a race, and Burning Man isn’t just something to check off – it’s something to experience. We are open to all who are interested in truly being part of an experimental community – and all of those who are eager to fully live by the ten principles.

What should I do in case of a dust storm?

  • Runners should carry goggles and a dustmask at all times. If the dust bothers you, please ask help from our volunteers. If you have asthma, carry your inhaler. Luckily, the time of day makes the risk of dust storms less likely. B/c the race starts to early, and b/c dust storms tend to be later, we’ve been lucky every year. Cherie the RD runs with a bandanna around her neck and with close-fitting sunglasses, with a pair of goggles in her drop bag.
  • Also, in the first seven years, we have only had one dust storm (and it started after the 5 hour mark, so most of the runners ran the bulk or all of the race without dust).

You burner ultrarunners are awesome. I can’t get enough of you. What should I do?

  • Everyone loves us. Feel free to stop by Pink Lightning  to check out the map, the race results, practice yoga, and drink hydrating beverages with us. We love you too!

50k is way too long, but I like to run.

  • We’d love it if you help pace a tired 50k runner. You’ll get to run slow, eat potato chips, and have a blast! OR you can ride your bike alongside someone willing if you really don’t want to run.
  • If you start but end up dropping out early, you need to let us know!!!

I didn’t get tickets this year. I want to run and I want to go. Can you help?

  • Tickets will pop up….We are actually quite sad because some of our closest friends did not get tickets. However, there are lots of extra tickets floating around, including other runners posting on our Facebook page.

I’m really slow and I can’t deal with the heat. Can I start earlier?

  • You bet! If you think you’ll run more than eight hours, you can do the early start. Early starters should talk with Cherie ahead of time and be sure to provide their own water and snacks for the first two laps. There will only be one early start, at 3:30 a.m. in 2017. Oh, and you won’t be eligible for top prizes, but don’t worry, you’ll get a medal and other things fabulous.

    photo by candy camerden.
    photo by candy camerden.

Burning Man Ultramarathon 50k Run – Costumes! Fun! Dust! Naked People!