Course Map

Start, finish, and aid station at PINK LIGHTNING – at 6:45 & C.   See  course map & turn by turn directions below – exact route will be confirmed on the playa.

BRC2016 (1)


2016 Course:    Start at Pink Lightning.  Immediately head left to 7:00. Make a right on 7:00, then head to good ol’ Esplanade. Head left.  Wave to crowds, smile at the man. Make left on 10:00.  When you get to 10:00 & L, turn right, and run straight all the way to trash fence.  There will be a giant pink lightning bolt covered gate there; run through it, making a right after you run through it.  Follow the trash fence around, keep going, eat/drink at aid station, keep going, until you hit 2:00, over by the Walk-In Camping. Run through the next gate there.  Yep.  Run along 2:00, pass all streets. Left on Esplanade. Keep going.  Run on Esplanade. Left on 630. Then right on C.  We’re at 645 & C.  Drink water, eat.  Repeat 3 more times.